Scavenger is a project by The Better Green People (TBGP) which aims to help both the environment and the people. Our hope is to connect people in order to form a strong foundation of environmentalist who strives to truly make this world a better place.

Fio Wibawa


Fio is a driven student at British School Jakarta who has proven her persistence in serving her community as the Executive Leader in her student-led organization for years. She started to show interest as a young environmentalist at the early age of six. She soon realized that the problem her city faced was the significantly large amount of waste being produced daily.

This inspired her to establish her first student-led non-profit organization, The Better Green People (TBGP) in 8th grade. TBGP united 500 families to participate in monthly recycling programs by collaborating with partner organizations. Towards the end of grade 10, she started to focus on escalating her movement towards the bigger community in hopes of creating a larger positive impact. She contacted several corporations to listen to her presentation and encouraged them to join the green movement. However, that was not enough for her.

Fio then came up with a concept that aims to help the local community and environment through a recycling system that does not replace existing scavengers. She called it the Scavenger Project, and designed an app that will help the scavengers in Indonesia efficiently locate recyclables to be resold.



Scavenger is proud to partner with various institutions spread around Indonesia and the rest of the world, Our partnerships are built to be dynamic and flexible in order to achieve our basic foundation.